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About Pegador®

Quality streetwear designed in Germany

The journey started in 2018 with a vision. A vision to not only be established as a brand but most importantly as a lifestyle. A lifestyle that inspires, attracts & conveys positive vibes; especially in these extremely digital times. Our intention is to spread messages no matter whether in social or creative views. Our inspiring mission has reached many that share these values with us.

Our team is obsessed with the idea to create unique streetwear with a constant perfection when it comes to design, fabrics & quality. The street will always remain the core of our inspiration. Every collection is intended to inspire people to think and to delight with our silhouettes. The biggest achievement for our team is to make every collection better than the last.

We are proud of our team. Proud of every single customer who joined our family over the last years; and we are proud to promise them that the journey has just started.